What is Gadget Lab?

Gadget Lab is a place for kids and adults to learn with and teach each other about hardware, software, gadgets and the world around us. We approach the world using scientific inquiry, asking key questions like, “How does that work?” and “What’s going on in there?” We build things, we take things apart and we aim to create a culture where we create and upload instead of just consuming and downloading.

I was inspired to create Gadget Lab when I became interested in the Do It Yourself/Maker movement. Even with fifteen years of experience in the computer industry, I found there were barriers, language and technological, to getting started. Despite the kid-friendly intentions of many Maker sites, these barriers can be discouraging, especially if there is no Gadgety parent in the family.

I hold classes and labs in my home to keep the costs down and I’m committed to serving all learners. The course offerings are limited now but will expand as the Lab develops and graduates of the classes master a skill or project to teach others. All students, both kids and adults, are encouraged to come back as paid assistants or teach a course themselves. Fridays are reserved for Open Labs, Special Projects and the Guest Project Series taught by students and members of the community. Please sign up for the mailing list to stay up to date on courses and other events.

The Gadget Lab Address is:
9200 Bradford Rd.,
Silver Spring, MD 20901

As noted above, Gadget Lab is in my home. You can read about it here in a Gadget Gab post called “Salad Days at Gadget Lab”. For directions to the Lab, click here. Gadget Lab programming is also available at Kid Museum in Bethesda.