Summer Camps 2020

Gadget Lab summer camps are on! We’ve had to drop a few camps that require close contact but are offering one hour hands on programming and coding workshops that have been reconfigured for online learning through Zoom. Most camps online sessions are limited to one hour so the longer camps have been spread out over multiple weeks. There will be a back up video of each lesson in case of tech glitches or a missed workshop and we’re scheduling one on one time with the instructors so kids will get the support they need.

I’ve been teaching online throughout the shutdown and believe this configuration will keep kids engaged while limiting screen time. I’ll also be sending out challenges and free content to all campers throughout the summer.

Hands on Coding

We’ve still  got hands on coding using cool robotics boards.  CodeHeads prep will using Humminbird Robotics Boards and cute mini Ozobot Robots to learn coding essentials using block code. We’ll make games and animatronic sculptures that will keep kids busy with hands on fun during and after their online workshops.   Kids in CodeHeads advanced will meet intermittently over the summer and will finalize their game modules the last week of August. 


New  Programmming: Self-Expression Through The Arts

The past three months have been intense for our kids and I’ve developed a set of workshops that  go beyond physical making and include the kids’ need for emotional expression.  I’ve teamed up  with a talented artist and musician to offer a new series called Express Yourself.  These workshops will offer kids a way to create photos, art and music to express an idea, an emotion or maybe to just be funny.  You’ll find  more information about all our camps below.

The core of the  Express Yourself series is the journal and zine workshops where kids use drawings and photos to make a meaningful art journal or a small magazine that they can copy and distribute.

The PhotoMix camp uses a free online PhotoShop type tool to invert colors, mix images,  add text, filters and more for photos that can stand alone or be used for their other projects. Kids can enroll in all three Express Yourself programs or mix and match wherever their interests lie.

Teaching Gadget Lab workshops online hasn’t been easy but I’ve learned a lot. — I can’t promise a perfect execution but if we’re all flexible and forgiving, this could be a fun, meaningful summer all around.


Karen Giacopuzzi,
Owner, Gadget Lab

Express Yourself

Zine Camp

Aug 4 - Aug 6
9:00 am - 10:15 am

A zine (short for magazine or fanzine) is a self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, that can exist as a 1 of 1 copy or is reproduced by scanning and photocopy. Zines are the product of a single person or of a very small group. For Ages 10-14.

Junk Band Camp

Aug 11 - Aug 14
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

“Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun making music with things lying around the house! In this interactive online course, percussionist and music educator Jason Mullinax will teach students how to write their own rhythms that they can then play on everyday household objects. He’ll demonstrate that almost anything can become a musical instrument if you apply a bit of creativity. All experience levels welcome and no previous musical background required.”For Ages 9-14.

Coding and Circuits