Gadget Lab Shopping List

Item Link
SainSmart Arduino Controller +Cable Ebay SainSmart Arduino
UltraSonic Distance Sensor Ebay UltraSonic
PIR MotionSensor PIR Motion Sensor
BreadBoard – 400 Pt 830 pt And Wires Breadboard Combo
10X 10mm Jumper Wires From China but Cheap
10X 20mm Jumper Wires Solid Deal Domestic
Photo Resistor X2 Ebay, domestic.
220 Ohm Resistor X10 Looks sturdy, color may vary
10K Ohm Resistor X5 Also look sturdy
5mm LEDs various Colors Colored Bulbs
2X NPN Transistor Generic, domestic
5mm Color Change LED Clear Bulb, Long Pin
Small  Cheap Push Buttons Ebay domestic
Tri-Color LED Domestic, for bulk buy overseas
Tall Button Ebay domestic
Buzzer 10 pack, great price
Buzzer 2 pack
OLED Display Domestic eBay
OLED Display Hong Kong eBay
Cheap Multi-meter eBay
LED Assortment, 3mm and 5mm ebay – educators who need to shop in bulk should buy larger amounts from overseas suppliers. You’ll have to wait a few weeks for delivery.  These suppliers come and go so look around ebay for them.