Summer Camps 2018

Summer at Gadget Lab is my favorite time of year.  The camps are small with a maximum  group size  of five kids. This makes for a relaxing environment which includes time for snacks on the back patio under the refreshing mist of a cooling system the kids have made during past camps.  Each group creates its own small community and it’s been a particular joy to watch them come back each summer a year older, a little taller and ready to try something new.


Please note:  Gadget Lab Prep is the only camp for seven and eight year olds. Other camps start at kids of 9 or 10 years old.  Eight year olds who are able to sit for 45 minutes at a time and have experience with moving a computer mouse can enroll in CodeHeads Prep but please take your child’s temperament into account when signing up for the coding camps.  They’re very fun and intuitive but I still  recommend them for kids who have expressed an interest in coding.  I’m happy to discuss this with you and your child. Please email me at

Gadget Lab Advanced Academy

Sorry. This workshop is fully booked.
Aug 13 - Aug 17
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

We’ll hack into toys and old appliances and take out the sound modules, motors and anything else we can extract and reuse. Then we’ll build an animatronic animal, monster or whatever comes to mind. We’ll use our coding, circuit building and soldering skills to make something original and awesome.  This workshop is for kids who have taken GadgetHeads and a coding workshop like CodeHeads or CodeHeads for Aspiring Nerds.