Bread and Circuits: Marvelous Motors

Jul 26 - Jul 26

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Starts: July 26, 2019

Materials: $5

Workshop: $50

Total: $5 ( not tax deductible)

Why does a motor spin?  It’s not something I even thought about until I started Gadget Lab.  Now that I know, I can’t stop talking about it.   In this super fun evening of wine, cheese and motors, you’ll learn about the inner life of a household motor, visit the Gadget Lab Museum of Small Motors and will even make a small spinny motor for your desk – something you didn’t know you needed but will love.

Gadget Lab will donate the food and drinks and all proceeds outside of material costs will go directly to camp scholarships. Last year Gadget Lab offered six scholarships to awesome local kids. Please come and  tell your friends!

 (Beer and  delicious non alcoholic drinks will also be available.)

Join Us!